It is extremely easy to make the Google Account, just fill your credentials that are asked and carry on to make your account successfully. By making the Google Account, you not only get the one service inside your account but rather than it, you get the YouTube, Gmail, Google+ all attached to that same account and which all could be accessed directly through using the same account login details. By this, the Google had tried to make the users get stuck to their other services too while using one of their favorites, but the hard truth is that most of the users never visit their Google attached services like YouTube, Gmail or Google+ or some of them could use few of these. Now if you are also the one who have never used the Youtube, Google+ or Gmail services of your Google account then it would be better for you to delete out these services or remove these from your Google Account to get the service focused account. If you wish to do so then the Google have provided the option for that too, if you do not know about that then don’t worry because we have described the method in this article through which users could easily remove the YouTube, Google+ or Gmail from their Google account in one go. Just read the article to know about that method and then apply it on your own.

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The method is quite simple and easy, and you just need to follow some simple steps discussed below to proceed.

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1. In this very first step, log in to your Google Account by filling in your account credentials. Note that you select the account for which you decide to delete the Google services.

2. After logging in to your account, head over to the Google’s “My Account” web page. This could be done easily through the options available inside your account. Once you have reached the My Account web page, then click on the Account Preferences option from there.

Delete Youtube, Google+, Gmail from Your Google Account in One Go
Delete Youtube, Google+, Gmail from Your Google Account in One Go

3. On the Account Preferences page, you need to scroll down until you find up the option “Delete your account or services.” Click on it and then on the further page select the Delete products option. This would either not be difficult for you to look for the options as all these are placed nicely on the web pages.

Delete Youtube, Google+, Gmail from Your Google Account in One Go
Delete Youtube, Google+, Gmail from Your Google Account in One Go

4. You would be then asked to fill up your Google Account password, and after filling that up, you would get to see all the attached services or Google Products on the next page. You would notice that all the listed services or Google products are having the delete icon in front of them all that could be used to delete that particular services.

Delete Youtube, Google+, Gmail from Your Google Account in One Go
Delete Youtube, Google+, Gmail from Your Google Account in One Go

5. Simply click on the delete icon placed in front of the product or the service that you wish to remove or delete from your Google Account and then follow the simple execution steps afterward that would be all related to the deletion request of your products.

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And this was all about the method through which you could easily get the Youtube, Gmail and the Google+ services removed from your Google Account and hence you won’t be able to use these services under that account, but only the one’s that you use actually would remain out there. Through this method, you even won’t have to wait for large time to get up these services removed, but all that would be done in just one go. Now you go and use up this method if you wish to remove any of these services from your Google Account!

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