The case of San Bernardino showed the world that there is hardly any equipment that can be kept untouched. An Israeli company that manufactures data extraction, transfer and analysis devices for cellular phones and mobile devices known as Cellebrite who was called to bypass the iPhone security and soon gave the FBI all the information contained on the iPhone in question.

But the Israeli company Cellebrite seems to manage this area, and warned that there is no equipment that they do not have access, using the software they produce.

The Israeli company Cellebrite is a well-known security firm that governments always resort. Recently it was revealed that the Israeli security firm Cellebrite technology can even uncover the information from the locked phones in just a few seconds, including the text messages and photos that have already been deleted.

According to information given by the Cellebrite AFP, it takes just seconds to break and access to a smartphone, not only to the most basic files, getting access to all the information. The Cellebrite goes even further and can recover messages that users have deleted a few years, thus having a very high degree of success.

Large customers of the Israeli security firm Cellebrite are the governments, with whom the company already has contracts. Altogether there are 115 countries who were already working with the Israeli security firm Cellebrite mainly to gain access to device data.

The solution that the Israeli security firm Cellebrite uses is the hardware to achieve exploit flaws in operating systems. Every month Cellebrite receives nearly 200 new devices, for its team of 250 people who simply try to immediately break the security of the devices. However, these processes take a few days to several months.

According to its makers, the Israeli security firm Cellebrite is, in some cases, the only company to be able to break and give access to files present in the device. Hence, due to this unique ability of Israeli security firm Cellebrite leads it to be chosen by all the countries and governments.

The iPhone of the San Bernardino has shown that Cellebrite has a unique service and can easily bypass almost all types of security of any device, whether the security is highly complex or the simplest of measures. Apparently, there is no device that can not be hacked and this is the only business card of this company.

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